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Microsoft search

The 'Microsoft Search' data source retrieve items from the Microsoft search engine.

Source configuration

Setting Description Default value
Entity types to search The entity types to search. See the Microsoft Search API documentation to see valid combinations. Drive items (SharePoint & OneDrive)
Use beta endpoint If checked, will use the Microsoft search beta endpoint instead of v1.0 in Microsoft Graph. false
Sort Configure the sort settings of the data source. Properties listed in the dropdown are all static properties marked as 'Sortable' in the SharePoint search schema. However, it does not list all possible RefinableXXX or aliases fields. To use them, you must enter the value manually and press 'Enter' to validate. For a particular field, you can define if it should be used for initial sort (i.e. when the results are loaded for the first time) or be only available for users in the sort control (i.e. after the results are loaded). The sort control does not consider default sort fields (i.e. select them by default) and you can only sort on a single field at a time according the fields you defined. If no user sort fields are defined in the configuration, the sort control won't be displayed. None.


Filters (aka 'refiners') are only available with the beta endpoint.