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Setup your standalone license


  • You must be a tenant administrator to perform this operation or use an account member of the Owners group of the tenant app catalog site.
  • Tenant properties are stored in the app catalog site associated with that tenant. To set or remove a property, you have to specify the absolute URL of the app catalog site. If you specify the URL of a site different than the app catalog, you will get an access denied error.

To setup a standalone license, follow this procedure:

  1. On a remote machine that have acces to your Microsoft 365 environment, install Microsoft 365 CLI as an administrator:
    npm i -g @pnp/cli-microsoft365
  2. Connect to Microsoft 365 using the following command and and SharePoint administrator account.
    m365 login
  3. Create a new tenant property named AEQUOS_DATAVISUALIZER_LICENSE_KEY with, as value, the key you received by email after your purchase: "License mail"

    m365 spo storageentity set -k AEQUOS_DATAVISUALIZER_LICENSE_KEY -v <your_key> -d 'aequos Data Visualizer solution license key' -u

    In the URL, you must specify the address of the global app catalog in your tenant. If you don't have an app catalog, follow this procedure to create one.

  4. To remove an existing key, use the following command:

    m365 spo storageentity remove -k AEQUOS_DATAVISUALIZER_LICENSE_KEY -u

With a standalone license, our license validation check endpoint won't be hit. The validation is done in-place.