Sample scenarios

Wondering what you can do with this solution? Here are some demo videos of common usage scenarios for the Data Visualizer solution.

Build a complete search center

In this demo video, we show you how to create a complete search center in a SharePoint page using the full solution Web Parts set (Search Box, Data Filters, Data Visualizer and Data Verticals). This is a typical scenario when you want to bypass the OOTB SharePoint search page limitations and integrate with your own information architecture.

Build a people directory using the Microsoft Graph data source

A classic use case in a SharePoint portal. This time, instead using the SharePoint search, we use the Microsoft Graph and the People API to lookup relevant people based on search box Web Part input keywords.

Use static taxonomy filters with the SharePoint search data source

Static filters don't necessarily need to be connected to a Data Visualizer Web Part. They are different from 'Refinement' filters and they just send abitrary filter values to consumer Web Parts ignoring received values from the data source. In this demo, we show you a practical use case and how to use them, for instance retrieve data from the SharePoint search according to a specific taxonomy term in a specific terms set without any prior results fetched (meaning filter values will be available at page load for initial filtering).

Static filters can be used in tokens as well for other data sources.